Squeezing surf rock, alternative rock, punk, indie, grunge and pop into a shoe 2 sizes too small. For fans of Weezer, Lemonheads, Teenage Fanclub, Wavves, Sonic Youth, Beach Boys........ rock n roll for the cold and lonely ........ 

Conor Ocean and The Wake Ups will be releasing 3 brand new singles over summer 2018. First release the booding alt rock anthem "Alive" will be available worldwide end of July, second single the insanely catchy "Alive" will be available worldwide end of August with the Ramones-esq feel good live favourite "Jon Favreau" closing off a summer of releases at the end of September. The band will be playing 3 London shows to coincide with the single releases as well as playing support to Republica at LoudInLondon Festival 2018 as well as their first appearence in the UK at Wheatbeat 2018.

Formed in Autumn 2017 after guitarist and songwriter Conor Ocean completed recording of 3 songs at Unit 2 Studios in West London with Adie Hardy (Fun Lovin Criminals, Paul Cook, John Cale). 

After passing the songs around the London music scene many a merry music man turned up at auditions. As the dust settled Conor Ocean and The Wake Ups formed with Liam Butler on Lead Guitar, Ashley Hawkins on Bass, Stephen Twomey on Drums and Conor on Vocals and Guitar. 

The band quickly found a secret rehearsal studio they could call home hidden in the back streets near Finsbury Park North London. After many a late night of beer guzzling and guitar shredding the group made their live debut on the London scene at Rocksteady Bar in Dalston East London on November 24th 2017. After a triumphant first show the band have made appearances around London and the UK.